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Creating a Shared Vision for the Future of Our City

OurLA2040 is a collaborative and public-driven effort to update six elements of the City’s General Plan. The City of LA General Plan provides our City’s long-range vision, while guiding everyday decisions that affect the lives of all Angelenos through the year 2040.

The Department of City Planning is responsible for preparing, maintaining, and implementing a General Plan that guides the development of our City.

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9 + 35 = 2040

9 citywide elements plus 35 local community plans equals the General Plan for Los Angeles through the year 2040. The elements establish a citywide vision and set of policies, whereas each local community plan sets complementary local policies unique to each of our City’s communities.

Completed Plan Elements

Your Community Plan

LA is made up of 35 communities, each with its own Community Plan. Your Community Plan provides the specific, neighborhood-level detail, relevant policies and implementation strategies necessary to achieve the overall General Plan objectives.

Get Involved

There are many ways to get involved. Please participate so your values and vision are reflected in the OurLA2040 Plan. Your participation is vital to our City’s future.

Tell us your vision for LA's open spaces

More ways to get involved

What's New

Welcome to the new OurLA2040 website!

We hope it serves as a useful tool for you to become familiar with the Citywide effort to update the General Plan. Please subscribe for updates and check back with us regularly as we announce more opportunities to get involved.

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