Creating a Shared Vision for the Future of Our City

For the first time in a half-century, the City of Los Angeles is undertaking a comprehensive update to its guiding vision, the General Plan. This initiative, OurLA2040, will result in a new 20-year citywide plan to be adopted in 2020, putting into place strong and visionary policies to help create a more prosperous, livable, and sustainable Los Angeles.

The Department of City Planning is responsible for preparing, maintaining, and implementing a General Plan that guides the development of our City.

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Crafting a new vision for a diverse city of over four million people – one that spans nearly 470 miles – is an enormously complex task. The Department of City Planning, which is spearheading the plan, must conduct research and analysis, analyze data on current and future trends, incorporate specialized expertise from multiple disciplines, prepare environmental analysis, and craft policy proposals. Just as importantly, it is essential to build ongoing public consensus to ensure that the plan reflects the concerns and aspirations of community members. To achieve these objectives, the OurLA2040 team will be posting information about the plan development process and opportunities to get involved.



Listening & Visioning

What kind of city do we want to be?


Plan Development


Adoption & Implementation



Get Involved

There are many ways to get involved. Please participate so your values and vision are reflected in the OurLA2040 Plan. Your participation is vital to our City’s future.

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What's New

Announcing the Launch of OurLA2040 Community Conversations

A series of Community Conversations will be taking place throughout the City in a neighborhood near you! This is an opportunity to share your perspective on the topics included in the General Plan update. The first phase of this series will take place in the month of October, focusing on the topics of Open Space and Community + Culture

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